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It's a good day to review A Good Day to Die Hard.


The Movie Review crew takes a look at Identity Thief.


A 2013 Oscar discussion.

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Going to the movies should be fun. Sometimes that fun is just a byproduct of a great film, expertly made, that blows you away with a deep understanding of human interaction and dramatic arcs. Other times the fun comes from sitting down in a darkened theatre, shutting off your higher brain functions, eating some popcorn and letting a movie sweep you away with action and adrenaline-fueled fun. One is not better than the other. They serve different functions. TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON is the latter and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.



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There has been a lot of hype surrounding the latest TV project from Steven Spielberg. This isn't the first time Big Steve has taken aliens to the small screen. Back in the early 90s, Spielberg brought forth two ambitious TV projects in the forms of SEAQUEST and EARTH 2. 

Both were no where near the quality they should have been and both had an identity crisis soon into production. 

Spielberg is back full tilt in TV production again with FALLING SKIES and FOX's upcoming TERRA NOVA, both are budget busting sci-fi extravaganzas that are looking to push the envelope. FALLING SKIES with its aliens and TERRA NOVA with its dinosaurs. 
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Pixar Animation Studios has a knack for dreaming up wildly inventive story ideas and then seeing them through to finished film with a consistency of quality that no other studio has been able to match. Movies like WALL-E, UP and the TOY STORY series have critics drooling over themselves like Anton Ego over a plate of RATATOUILLE. Then in 2006 Pixar released the first CARS to middling reviews. It was deemed an acceptable movie, good by some standards but not great like we have come to expect from Pixar.

Then something strange happened. Children latched on to CARS. More so than any other Pixar film CARS spoke to the youth market. Toy sales went crazy. Sure parents weren’t as sucked into the story as they might perhaps like – the movie being equivalent of watching cars race in circles around a track – but they didn’t argue when their children wanted to watch it again and again. CARS was a hit with the audience Pixar was created to please. That has to be a win in anyone’s book.

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We tell it like it is and give you the insight you need to make your box office choice. Kirstie McLellan Day with her quick wit keeps her co-hosts primed and ready to give their opinions. 

Give us 5 minutes and you'll know what to see! So why not watch our latest video podcast! 


Today Kirstie and Dean welcome Guest panelist Geordie as they talk about SUPER 8, X-MEN: FIRST CLASS and the DVD release TRUE GRIT.

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The braintrust at Warner Bros stalled for a sec on Monday morning. Green was supposed to mean go for the studio to start churning out superhero flicks like there is no tomorrow. But movie-goers forgot to light the lantern.
In a summer movie season that was supposed to be the "summer to end all summers", we have only had one movie, Hangover Part 2, open to past $100 million. Everything else has been well stuck in the mud. What happened? Where are all the grosses?


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